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This is a limited print run of 50, initialled and numbered, high quality A2 (420 x 594mm) Giclee art-print on 245gsm decor watercolour art paper.

"Hail and adoration unto you, O Great Diana. Hail Goddess of the Moon and of the night. You who have been since before the beginning, You who caused all things to appear, Giver and sustainer of life, adoration unto you. Hail and adoration unto you, O source of all enlightenment. I pray you to impart to me your illumination and enlighten my mind that I may perceive more clearly all things in which I endeavor, illuminate my soul, imparting your essence of purity. I reveal my inner self to you and ask that all be cleansed and purified within."

-Raven Grimassi

Love and Colour exclusively use David Bingley’s Dot to Dot Printing House based in Essex whose clients include, Tate Modern, The British Museum and John Lewis.

Your print will arrive wrapped in acid free tissue paper housed in a hard card tube to ensure protection.

This is the official Love and Colour store where you can purchase high quality T-Shirts and Art-Prints designed by Love and Colour creator, Daniel Davidson. 

Daniel has been creating art in various forms for 25 years. After leaving school and studying Graphic Arts, Daniel moved into sign design/manufacturing learning the essentials of placement and spacing of image and text. After several years in this field, Daniel embarked on a career in music working with EMI/Virgin Records, which enabled him to get involved in the creative process of writing music whilst creating an accompanying visual, in the form of illustration and moving image. As Daniel’s obsession with visual creativity increased, more of his focus and energy has been channeled into responding to eclectic references and moving towards a unique and recognisable style.

Other Projects - Daniel currently has work featured at the Handel and Hendrix Museum and the Saatchi Gallery Shop, whilst working as design executive at London based T-shirt designers, We Admire. http://shop.danieldavidson.co.uk/ 

Daniel’s work continues to develop, grow and create intrigue in equal measure.